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Decoding Rick Joyner’s “THE FINAL QUEST”
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Summary of Chapter 6


5 i) Introduction: I felt the Lord wanted the main focus of this Chapter to be on the various spiritual warfare strategies Joyner was led to engage in during his visions and dreams. He is calling his followers enact this spiritual warfare against other Christians in the real world today. These target any Christian who will not accept his side’s new revelations or the leadership of judges over the church. The books first dream is all about this “Christian Civil War”, (p. 22), fought for control of the church. This is not, therefore, a conflict over the existence of the spiritual gifts. This civil war is between those who agree with Joyner’s New Age teachings and those who don’t. What Christian background or denomination a believer comes from is not the issue. In the first type of warfare Joyner uses his new revelations as spiritual weapons/arrows. He projects these through the spiritual realms, towards the Christians who disagree with him, in a bid to get them to accept these revelations against their will. This is extremely controlling and no different to the casting of spells to influence people in witchcraft. This first type of warfare proves ineffective in converting the other Christians as Joyner had hoped. Joyner then tries different warfare strategies which also all fail and accidentally wound the opposing Christians instead, Joyner “We did wound many of our own brethren,” (p. 129). Joyner’s final strategy involves him commanding the spirits of deceased saint’s, the great white “eagles,” (p. 67), into the spiritual battle on his side’s behalf. This is an aggressive form of spiritualism which clearly isn’t scriptural. Joyner’s New Age based visions have led him into occult spiritual warfare against other Christians. In these visions the same spirits of the dead/white eagles also minister great prophetic insights and powerful spiritual gifts to some of the “dreaded champions,” (p. 56), on Joyner’s side. In his visions they are then able to emerge as the victorious prophet judges who then rule the church alongside Joyner. These judges are involved in judging and removing from the body of Christ all those Christians who continue to resist Joyner’s side’s leadership, his new revelations and teachings. This is extremely authoritarian, controlling and further evidence of the occult at work. Since Joyner received the first dream in “The Final Quest” in 1995 he has probably been engaging in these forms of spiritual warfare for the last seventeen years or more. Although not mentioned in this book Joyner is also a high ranking official within the Catholic Order of the Knights of Malta and as such has sworn an oath of loyalty to the Pope. This must surely influence his interpretation of his dream of a Christian civil war in the church, (see Ch 11 for more details). I have referred as briefly as possible to other issues that emerged from this study where these are important in giving context and a timeline to Joyner’s predictive and “prophetic” messages.

“But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, willing to yield, full of mercy and good fruits,” (Jms 3: 17).

5 ii) Joyner’s dream definitely concerns a Christian spiritual civil war in the church: There is no doubt that the conflict described by Joyner is a call by him for “Christian Civil War”, (p. 22), within the church. Joyner makes this very clear in his own summary of the first dream, on pages 36 -38 of his book, stating that “a great civil war now looms before the church,” (p. 37), and “the Lord is now preparing a leadership that will be willing to fight a spiritual civil war,” (p. 37). Joyner also tells us that “non – Christians,” “were not a part of either of these armies,” (p.31), which reflects the fact that this dream describes an internal struggle against other Christians for control of the body of Christ. Joyner likens this to the “American Civil War,” (p. 37), which parallels a vision received by Bob Jones in 1984. Joyner believes that this war will liberate existing Christians from “the institutions and doctrines that have kept men in spiritual slavery,” (p. 37), so they can then accept his new revelations. Those who read through the book quickly may not realise that its central theme is a conflict between Christians because Joyner describes angels on his side and a horde of demons on the side of the opposing Christians which obscures this. Since Joyner calls this Christian civil war the “ultimate conflict,” (p. 37), and “the battle of the last days” (p.115), he clearly believes these visions relate to the end time’s. As he is the major figure within these dreams he must therefore expect this to take place within his lifetime. However, it is not Gods will for Christians to focus on fighting against one another, with spiritual warfare, for control of the church in the end times, as Joyner claims. These visions and dreams cannot be from the Lord so Joyner must have opened his heart to occult counterfeit visions. This would also appear to be reflected in his comment that we should “open our hearts and minds to realms we do not now even know exist. This is what Satan is attempting to counterfeit through the New Age Movement,” (p.127).

" Now I urge you, brethren, note those who cause divisions and offenses, contrary to the doctrine which you learned, and avoid them,” (Rms 16:17).

5 iii) Joyner’s side in this conflict – the Kansas City Prophets: After he received the books first dream Joyner claims that, “Months later I sat pondering this dream. Alarmingly, certain events and conditions in the church had seemed to parallel just what I had seen when the horde from hell had begun to march,” (p. 36). In a letter dated Aug 28th 1996, *[i] Joyner also claimed that “this war is already upon us,” which reflects the fact that the dream concerned the situation in the church at that time not events in the distant future. The beginning of the dream therefore describes the situation in the church just prior to 1995, but from Joyner’s perspective. In the real world, from 1990 onwards, Joyner’s compatriot prophets within the Kansas City Prophet’s Movement, most notably Paul Cain, Bob Jones and John Paul Jackson, were coming under a barrage of criticism from other leaders for their false teachings, failed predictions and cases of sexual immorality that emerged amongst them. In 1994, just one year before Joyner had this dream, Bob Jones had to step down from public ministry after he admitted using his “spiritual gifts” to manipulate and solicit sexual favours from women in his congregation. Many other leaders, including those who had previously believed these “prophets” claims about themselves, expressed consternation at these things. This parallels Joyner’s statement at the start of his dream that his side were “greatly outnumbered,” (p. 22), and coming under a barrage of arrows fired by the opposing Christians. Joyner’s dream describes these as arrows of “Accusation,” “Gossip” “Slander,” and “Faultfinding,” (p.16), although in reality all the criticisms and points made proved to be completely justified and not in the least bit slanderous. The opposing leaders quite rightly called for some form of accountability and attempted to stop the deceptions and false teachings from these “prophets” leading others astray. Even these “Kansas Prophets” newly adopted Apostle, John Wimber, lost confidence in them and said that their prophecies were “infantile” and “babies are messy and make messes,”*[ii]. Due to the negative connotations that became associated with them Wimber even had them change the name of their church from “The Kansas City Fellowship,” to the “Metro Christian Fellowship.” This is also reflected in the text and Joyner’s claim that “I felt that we were on the verge of destroying ourselves,” and “soon a major division had been created within our own camp,” (p. 24). Joyner would have been powerless to answer these criticisms or defend these “prophets” since there was no scriptural way of doing this. This is reflected in his comments about how the situation appeared to him to be a “one-sided slaughter,” (p. 23), and that he had a “feeling of helplessness,” (p. 24), about this. Because Joyner and these other “prophets” believed that their prophecies and visions superseded scripture they were not, however, open to these corrections. In his dream those on Joyner’s side are also referred to as the “dreaded champions” (p. 56), which was a term used by the Kansas City Prophets about themselves at that time. There can, therefore, be no doubt that the few warriors on Joyner’s side at the start of his dream represent the Kansas City Prophets and their followers, those who Joyner was closely linked to in the real world. This should not really surprise us. Like Joyner this group of “prophets” sought after unbiblical mystical revelations which the dream symbolises as them climbing up the spiritual mountain of new revelation with him.

“Test all things, hold fast what is good. Abstain from every form of evil,” (1 Thess 5; 21,22).

5 iv) The opposing Christians: The opposing Christians are those who disagreed with Joyner’s, (and the Kansas City Prophets), new unbiblical revelations. They are depicted in Joyner’s dreams as part of Satan’s “terrible horde from hell,” (p. 16). They are even described as being the “vanguard” and “most powerful,” (p. 16), part of the devils entire end time’s army. To understand this we must realise that Joyner expected his compatriot prophets to emerge as the elite leaders and saviours of the church. From Joyner’s perspective the opposing Christians who led to their demise were therefore the most powerful adversaries of Gods plans. Joyner views them as even more dangerous than the most powerful principalities and powers. The accurate biblical criticisms from these other Christian leaders would have fallen on deaf ears so far as Joyner was concerned because he believed that his side’s new revelations superseded scripture. We saw, in 2008, and the Todd Bentley saga, how Joyner appears to overlook almost any error or sin of those on his side so long they continue to adhere to same spiritual agenda’s that he does. The fact that the Kansas City Prophets were outnumbered at that time is also reflected in Joyner’s quote that, “there were actually many more Christians being used by the evil one than there were in the army of the Lord,” (p. 22). Joyner’s occult dream therefore demonises the more bible based Christians, a repeating theme throughout “The Final Quest,” (see Chapter 9 of these notes for more details). Joyner even claims that “demons were urinating and defecating upon the Christians...and they actually thought the slime was the anointing of the Holy Spirit,” (p.21).

“ bless those who curse you.. pray for those who spitefully use you” (Matt 5; 44).

5 v) In the dream Joyner gives up communicating verbally with the opposing Christians: Initially, in the dream, Joyner attempts to convert the opposing Christian by communicating verbally with them, “I immediately began yelling to the Christian prisoners,” (p. 22). However, Joyner soon comes to the conclusion that this “had been a very foolish mistake,” (p. 22). This was because instead of receiving his messages the opposing Christians started shooting at his side with their arrows of “Accusation,” “Gossip” “Slander,” and “Faultfinding,” (p.16), instead. This again appears to reflect the situation that emerged when Joyner and the Kansas City prophets tried to defend their new revelations and beliefs through dialogue with other more bible based Christians. Joyner no longer attempts to promote his messages to these other Christians in the normal way in the dream after this. In the real world this was reflected as Joyner and the other Kansas City styled prophets effectively went underground with their messages in the mid 1990’s in order to avoid further public scrutiny and scriptural criticism of them. They stopped openly promoting the “Manifest Sons of God” doctrine, for example, (which is based on a very basic misunderstanding of Romans 8). We will see later on in this chapter that Joyner continues to promote this very same doctrine today in the “The Final Quest” but in an encoded form which many of his critics and the Christian public have not noticed.

“ You lust and do not have. You... covet and cannot obtain. You fight and war,” (Jms 4. 2).

5 vi) Intoxicated Christians – calling those in the Toronto Movement: Behind Joyner’s sides small army at this point in his dream is a “a trailing mob...overly happy, as if intoxicated. They were playing games and singing songs, feasting and roaming about...This reminded me of Woodstock” (p. 23). This sounds like a description of Christians involved with the Toronto phenomenon, a movement Joyner would have been very aware of since it started in 1994, just a year before he had the dream. These Christians also come under an attack of arrows from the opposing Christians. This was so intense that Joyner claims “the scene among them was even worse,” (p. 24). In reality there was even greater concern, criticsm and scriptural debates about the Toronto phenomena than there had been about the Kansas City Prophets, (for example concerns about the way many of these Christians started making animal noises and claimed that the Holy Spirit manifesting through them as various animals). The Toronto Airport Fellowship, where this Movement started, was expelled from the Vineyards Movement because they refused to listen to their Apostle, John Wimber, who did not believe that all of their new spiritual manifestations were of God. Joyner views these intoxicated Christians as being on his side from the very start of the civil war although most were unwilling or unprepared to actually fight in the battle at the beginning of the dream. In the real world the Kansas City Prophets fellowship left Wimbers Vineyards group in sympathy with the Toronto church so they were very close to the Prophetic Movement that Joyner was a part of from the very beginning. Those involved with Toronto are also amongst the most open to new teachings and new spiritual experiences such as those Joyner is advocating in “The Final Quest”, whilst often being the least likely to test such things against scripture. Many today are turning to the very doctrines of the Kansas City Prophets that had previously been exposed as unbiblical by other more bible based leaders in the early 1990’s. Joyner has surely always interpreted these intoxicated styled Christians as those who belong to the Toronto Movement symbolised here as this “trailing mob.” Some of these Toronto Christians then started “snapping to attention,” (p. 23), as they responded to Joyner’s call, put on armour, formed new ranks and prepared to engage in this spiritual civil war with Joyner, “no longer with the mirth of the party but an awesome resolve... forming new ranks,” (p. 25). As deception and apostasy increase the signs are that in the real world this could start happening more frequently. More of these Toronto style believers could then start engaging in spiritual warfare along with Joyner against the more bible based Christians. Joyner’s occult prediction could then come to pass, albeit in a distorted form, with the ranks of deceived warriors on his side swelling and attacking their brothers in Christ with a witchcraft form of spiritual warfare. Joyner, “I started to wonder if the next battle would be against our own brothers again,” (p. 129).

“narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life, and there are few who find it,” (Matt 7; 15).

5 vii) The Warfare engaged in by each side: Whilst Joyner describes this as a two sided spiritual war it is only his side who actually use spiritual warfare against other believers. As mentioned earlier, Joyner seeks to impose his revelations on other Christians, against their will, by firing them as arrows through the spiritual realms, something which parallels the casting of spells in witchcraft. The arrows fired by the opposing Christian’, on the other hand, are no more than verbal or written criticisms voiced openly, in the normal way, in public. These are expressed as warnings to other believers and attempt’s at dialogue about Joyner’s side’s false revelations. The opposing Christians do not engage in any form of spiritual warfare against Joyner’s side. We see this reflected in the real world. Criticisms may hurt as will exposing sin in other ministries, but this is necessary for the sake of accountability and to prevent deception from spreading throughout the body of Christ. It is not a form of spiritual warfare as Joyner claims. Many of Joyner’s side’s false teachings were exposed in public by other leaders, in the early 1990’s, through their accurate testing against the bible. It was wrong for Joyner to think that it was appropriate to then attempt to impose those same New Age revelations on these other Christians by engaging in spiritual warfare against them. The fact that Joyner was aware of the harm his spiritual warfare would do makes this quite a serious sin, “We did wound many of our own brethren,” (p. 129). Joyner appears to believe that the following image justifies his side targeting these other Christians in this way and forms the basis of his first warfare strategy, “The most shocking part of this vision was that this horde was not riding on horses, but primarily on Christians”, (p.17). Joyner’s first dream is incredibly divisive and results in a civil war from his side that undermines our Christian witness in the world.

“I do not pray for these alone, but also for those who will believe in Me... that they all may be one... that the world may believe that You sent Me,”(Jn 17; 20, 21).

5 viii) Joyner’s first spiritual warfare strategy fails – targeting the opposing Christians only harms them: Joyner’s side discover “arrows that were named after different biblical truths,” (p. 25), as they climb up ascending levels of new revelation on the spiritual mountain in this dream. Although we are not told what these new revelations are, they double up as new spiritual weapons which are fired at the horde of hell through the spiritual realms. Joyner’s hope being that this will cause the opposing Christians to accept these new revelations. Joyner claims that his side’s first intention was to use these “arrows of truth” (p. 30), to shoot the demons from off the backs of the opposing Christians and free them to believe in Joyner’s messages that way. However because they “did not know how to avoid hitting the Christians, “(p. 25), Joyner and his compatriots decide to directly target the opposing Christians instead anyway. Joyner writes, “it occurred to us that if these Christians were hit with Truth they would wake up and fight off their oppressors. I fired off a few arrows, as did some of the others, almost all of them hit Christians,” (p. 25). But why is Joyner even attempting to engage in such a dangerous practice especially if he is aware himself that he “did not know how to” use these weapons properly anyway? Joyner’s first strategy is therefore to deliberately target not the demons but the opposing Christians. It is not surprising that this fails to get the opposing Christians to accept Joyner’s new revelations as he’d hoped. Instead Joyner states that , “when the arrows of Truth went into them, they did not wake up, or fall down wounded,- they became enraged, and the demons riding on them became much larger,” (p. 26). So instead of “liberating” the opposing Christians so they accept Joyner’s new revelations the dream depicts them even more bound by demons and even more opposed to Joyner’s side as a result of this warfare. The fact that Joyner would have viewed these Christians falling “down wounded,” as a positive outcome appears to reveal much about his heart; he is not so much concerned about “liberating” the opposing Christians for their benefit as he is removing all opposition to his judge’s ruling the church. This warfare is an attempt to force others to accept his revelations even when they clearly disagree with these. This is the new type spiritual warfare Joyner uses to propagate his revelations after he decided he was wasting his time trying to communicate them in the normal way, verbally. Some Christians refer to this practice as spiritistic prayer, moving in self will in the spiritual realms in a bid to influence or manipulate others. It is exactly what unbelievers involved in witchcraft practice when they cast their spells, (words), or send their New Age revelations towards others in a bid to get them to accept these. Joyner’s spiritual warfare equates to witchcraft, there is no difference. This is white magic/witchcraft when there is no intention to harm others and the harm is accidental, however if harm is deliberately intended, as appears to have been the case here sometimes, then that is equivalent to black magic/witchcraft. Practicing either form is an extremely serious sin that will harm both those targeted and those “Christians” who practice this form of New Age spiritual warfare.

" Watch out for false prophets. They will come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves,” ( Matt 7; 15).

5 ix) Joyner’s second strategy - targeting the demons also fails as the opposing Christians continue to be hit and wounded: As the last strategy didn’t work many on Joyner’s side then attempt to hit the demons from off these Christians backs instead. However Joyner reports that, “The demons easily dodged the arrows and let them hit Christians,” (p. 26). So this same form of occult spiritual warfare is still being pursued by Joyner’s side only this time without intentionally harming the opposing Christians. Nonetheless Joyner’s side are still doing as much harm, “We did wound many of our own brethren”, (p. 129). This is not only based in deception by also defies common sense. Clearly you can’t destroy demons by firing revelations at them, and you can’t force other Christians to accept your own (unbiblical) teachings against their will this way either. This only does harm as is usually the case when unbelievers practice white magic. People have freewill to choose what they believe. Neither Jesus nor any New Testament Christian ever tried to spread their message or impose it on others, against their will, in this way. Instead even Jesus Christ, (Almighty God), shared his message verbally with others, something which Joyner gave up doing earlier on in the dream because no one would listen or agree with him. If Joyner was being led by the Spirit then how were these demons able to dodge Joyner’s side’s arrows of revelation and allow these hit the Christians instead? The Holy Spirit doesn’t make mistakes like this. Furthermore Joyner claims that when hit with the “arrows of Truth” this caused more demons to be able to come upon these Christians so that they then started being “transformed into the contorted image of the demons themselves,” (p. 26). These arrows therefore result in the opposing Christians becoming more bound up by demon’s which is evidence that both the arrows and this method of warfare are occult in nature. Joyner and those on his side are moving, mistakenly, in another spirit altogether, in a New Age spirit of controlling witchcraft and this is bound to do harm to the Christians they target. Furthermore, considering the intensity of the battle, and the number of arrows being fired by Joyner’s side surely most of the opposing Christians will eventually take on the image of demons in the dream as a result of this warfare? This dream cannot be of God, not any part of it, Joyner has been deceived into moving in an occult form of warfare.

" Now the fruit of righteousness is sown in peace by those who make peace. Where do wars and fights come from among you? Do they not come from your desires,” (Jms 3: 18 to 4; 1).

5 x) The use of sorcery to influence other Christians: So, by way of summary; when the Kansas City Prophets visions were tested by others against scripture in the early 1990’s their new revelatory teachings fell into disrepute. Joyner therefore gave up communicating verbally or openly with others and instead attempted to promote his new revelations by sending them towards other Christians through the spiritual realms, using what was to him a new form of spiritual warfare instead. However this is exactly the same thing that unbelievers involved in the occult already practice. In frustration at his lack of success Joyner has resorted to sorcery in a bid to influence other Christians. Although he is moving in ignorance sin must have somehow found a place in his heart in order for him to be willing to harm other members of the body of Christ in this way. Joyner has also been deceived into moving in line with one of the devils plans to attack Christians.

"Now the works of the flesh are evident... sorcery... selfish ambitions... heresies... those who practice such things will not inherit the kingdom of God,” (Gal 5; 19 – 21).

5 xi) Alice Baileys strategy to use Christians to promote New Age forms of spirituality:The well known Lucifarian/Satanist, Alice Bailey, (1880 – 1949), claimed that her spirit guide had given her a strategy to remove the influence of Christianity from society and the world. She taught that first though the Christian church should be used to promote the New Age, a term that it is claimed she coined herself. Her books are very well read amongst those involved in the occult and many have been putting her strategy into practice over the last 70 years or so. One of the ways they do this is to send spells, (words), occult spiritual influences, and their own New Age “revelations” toward Christians and churches in a bid to get us to move in line in the same spirit as they do. Those involved in black magic often do this to deliberately injure Christians and remove what they see as opposition to the occult. Those involved in white magic/witchcraft, however, do so in the belief that they are helping us to accept their own superior form of spirituality. This is exactly what Joyner practices although he may not realise this. Joyner believes he is liberating Christians of lower levels of revelation to him by sending his new and superior “revelations” upon the more bible based Christians. By receiving and following deceptive spiritual influences Joyner has therefore been lined up with the devils plan to infiltrate the Christian church with occult spiritual influences, a counterfeit anointing, and towards changing biblical doctrines for New Age ones. This explains Joyner claims that we should, “open our hearts and minds to realms we do not now even know exist. This is what Satan is attempting to counterfeit through the New Age Movement”. (p.127), “(see Chapter 4 for more information). Joyner’s appears to be one of the leading figures in the church who has been deceived in this way. We have to wonder how much extra deception has gained access and entered the church as a result of the publication of his visions and dreams.

“ ...the things of which they boast. For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ,” (2 Cor 11; 12, 13).

5 xii) Joyner’s s third spiritual warfare strategy fails – Joyner continues with the same damaging and failed warfare: Next, in the dream, an angel named Wisdom directs Joyner to climb higher up the spiritual mountain to new levels of revelation. The new weapons he finds become ever more powerful the higher up he climbs. Joyner fires these new revelations as new spiritual weapons/arrows of truth from these higher vantage points. Joyner claims that he also becomes “more skilful with my weapons,” (p. 27), so that he was then able to “shoot and hit the demons without hitting the Christians,” (p. 27). Nevertheless this still all fails to convert the opposing Christians to Joyner’s views and instead only “enraged,” (p. 29), them further. In the dream Joyner is simply firing different revelations but repeating exactly the same failed spiritual warfare practice as before. There is not any mention of Joyner even attempting to be led by the Spirit in any of this warfare.

“You lust and do not have. You... covet and cannot obtain. You fight and war,” (Jms 4. 2).

5 xiii) A level on the mountain called “The Unity of the Brethren” - leads to even greater disunity instead: Joyner then reaches a level of the mountain called “The Unity of the Brethren,” (p. 27). However the new revelation arrows Joyner fires from here have the following effect on the opposing Christians, “Some became so enraged that they were now shooting at each other,” (p. 29). Joyner writes “I knew that to the world this was appearing as an incomprehensible meltdown of Christianity itself,” (p.29). So instead of the promise of unity the warfare from Joyner’s side on this level leads to the exact opposite, to even greater disunity, and the virtual collapse of the church. This is extremely serious and is another sign of bad fruit. This is the exact opposite of what Jesus prayed for, “that they all may be one... that the world may believe that You sent Me,” (Jn 17; 20, 21). This is the type of effect one would expect to see when white magic is being practiced against Christians. When such spells are released these can often backfire and produce the exact effect to that expected. It is probably that this warfare would release demonic spirits which minister division and grievances to others even though the arrows Joyner fires may be called “the unity of the brethren.” This is just a continuation of the failed and harmful demonic warfare that Joyner perseveres with.

“ Let no one cheat you of your reward, taking delight in false humility and worship of angels, intruding into those things which he has not seen, vainly puffed up by his fleshly mind,” (Colossians 2:17-19).

5 xiv) Joyner’s warfare linked to the influence of fallen angels: As he climbs still higher up the mountain Joyner then accesses “unlimited arrows with the name Hope written on them.” (p. 30). Angels show Joyner how to use these even more powerful revelations as weapons. With these Joyner’s side are then able to shoot the demonic vultures out of the sky that had been causing a “cloud of depression” over the mountain which had been making the previous “arrows of truth” “less effective,” (p. 30). Eventually “the sky over the mountain was almost completely rid of the vultures,” (p. 30). Then the light and glory from three angels named “Faith, Hope and Love,” (p. 31), is able to shine and “Their glory even radiated into the camp of the prisoners,” (p. 31). However instead of the Christians who oppose Joyner, (the prisoners), now understanding and accepting these angels as he expected, they “started calling them “angels of light” who were sent to deceive,” (p. 31), (in the real world the term “fallen angels” is more likely to be used). So Joyner’s warfare is still not producing the fruit he desires even though he now claims that the demonic vultures are being defeated and great angels are manifesting near him and radiating their light on his cause. In reality it is overwhelmingly likely that these really will be fallen angels as the opposing Christians in the dream declared, and that Joyner is simply deluded into thinking his warfare is improving the spiritual atmosphere. I am convince myself that soon a great flood of fallen angels are going to start manifesting to Christians as angels of light across the church of the western world, sent in order to deceive as we head deeper into the end times. To those who are deceived though it will appear in hindsight as if “The Final Quest” has accurately predicted these things in advance which will also buttress Joyner and his followers confidence in the other deceptions the book contains.

“ they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie,” (2 Thess 2; 10).

5 xv) Joyner is empowered by fallen angels: It is now April 2012 as I write and a season of extreme deception could be upon us very soon. There are already increasing numbers of ministries online that report strange experiences involving the appearance of angels that sound different to those described in the bible, angels that appear self centred and self glorifying in their behaviour, not God centred, more like those Joyner describes. I would therefore expect this part of Joyner’s dream to correlate with the coming season in the real world, possible the end of 2012 to 2014, (link to an associated article). We also see, in Chapter 7, that Joyner is calling us back to the message and ministry of William Branham, a minister who could not operate without an angel (or fallen angel?) by his side as opposed to trusting in God alone and moving directly in the power of the Holy Spirit. In the coming season we could therefore start to see this heresy of relying on angels instead of God spreading to others within the church, particularly in the western world. In his dream Joyner claims that these angels “touched my sword, great bolts of lightning began flashing from it,” and the angel he calls “Love then said, “Those who reach this level are entrusted with the powers of the age to come,”” (p. 30). I think it very likely, therefore, this prediction will coincide with fallen angels anointing with occult power those Christians who move in deception as they put their trust in these (fallen) angels, believing they are angels from God. This is something which is likely to lead to a counterfeit healing revival based on New Age power sent to lead ordinary Christians into accepting false ministers and their deceptive teachings. Those Christians healed by fallen angels or occult power during this time are likely to have any demonic oppressions or illnesses temporarily put on hold by the devil, with these illnesses returning later on once their testimonies of healing have been utilised to promote a false, New Age , occult healing move and counterfeit revival within the church.

" The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, ” (2 Thess 2; 9, 10).

5 xvi) Unbelievers agree with Joyner – evidence of Unitarian Universalism and the Interfaith Movement? At this point in the dream the light from these three angels, (fallen angels), results in unbelievers joining Joyner’s side whilst this still fails to convert the opposing Christians to his views. Concerning these angels Joyner claim’s “the non – Christians, saw their glory and... started to come closer to the mountain....also started to understand what the battle had been all about. This was a great encouragement,” (p. 31). There is no mention of the gospel being preached to these unbelievers though or of them converting to a biblical form of faith. This suggests to me that this new angelic light that parallels Joyner’s new revelations must both contain an interfaith message that is acceptable to unbelievers but not the bible based Christians who continued to oppose Joyner. This would explain why Joyner claims that when these three angels “begin to be seen” this “will begin drawing all men into the kingdom,” (p. 37), which is surely a reflection of Universalists beliefs? A Unitarian denomination exists but many Universalists frequent ordinary Christian churches. Some believe that Christ died on the cross for their own salvation but also believe that people from other religions can get forgiven too without faith in Christ. Universalism parallels the New Age belief that there are many ways to God and this lies at the core of the Interfaith Movement. The devil and deceived New Agers plan to use the Interfaith Movement to bring all religions into agreement as one as part of Alice Baileys occult strategy for a New World Order. If Joyner has Universalists beliefs this would also explain he claims that “salvation” (p. 26), is one of the lowest levels of revelation on the mountain, one that we should move beyond on to higher revelations. Also why Joyner claims that we should “open our own hearts and minds to realms we do not now even know exist. This is what Satan is attempting to counterfeit through the New Age Movement,” (p.127).

“ Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many who go in by it,” (Matt 7; 13).

5 xvii) Further evidence of Universalist beliefs: If Joyner does secretly hold to Universalist beliefs this would also explain why he believes that St Paul, (and the other early apostles) “fell short of the highest purposes” (p132), that they were called by God to walk in and teach, purposes that Joyner believes he has obtained himself, (see Chapter 4). The more one studies “The Final Quest” in detail the more likely it appears that Universalism is one of the main reasons why Joyner believes a Civil War in the church is necessary and the existing leadership need to be replaced. The activity of fallen angels is likely empower deceived Universalist “Christians” so they can gain the upper hand during a time of apostasy within the church of the western world. If the judges who believe in Universalism become the most influential then anyone, from any religion, could be incorporated within a pseudo New Age “Christian” organisation led by them with New Age Interfaith doctrines at its heart. This appears to me to be what Joyner’s aim of getting other Christians to start climbing the spiritual mountain of new revelations with him is really all about.

“ But even if we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel to you than what we have preached to you, let him be accursed,” (Gal 1; 8).

5 xviii) Joyner’s fourth spiritual warfare strategy – limited success accompanied by authoritarianism: After Joyner’s side have shot down most of the vulture that fly above both the “horde from hell” and the mountain then for the first time in the dream some of the opposing Christian, “the prisoners,” start coming over to Joyner’s side as they “began to wake up as if they had been in a deep sleep,” implying that they start to accept Joyner’s new revelations and beliefs. Joyner continues, “They were immediately repulsed by their condition, especially by the vomit that still covered them, and started to clean themselves up” (p. 31), as “they also saw the mountain and ran towards it,” (p. 32). This is the first time Joyner’s warfare has had any success in converting many of the opposing Christians. Surely the Lord, however, is not likely to lead people in a way that would cause them to feel “repulsed” at themselves especially not as these were already believing Christians beforehand anyway? These Christians, who had formerly opposed Joyner, are then said to have “begged to be allowed to go back and attack the enemy who had held them captive” (p. 32). Joyner and some others then decide that they should not and so do not allow them to do this. From this it is clear that Joyner expects those who move over to his side in the war to submit to a very authoritarian form of leadership. They have to obey Joyner’s decisions for them and are not free to be led by the Spirit in these things. We saw the same thing earlier on when the Intoxicated, (Toronto), Christians who chose to join Joyner’s army were described as “snapping to attention,” (p. 23), at Joyner’s trumpet call. We see something similar once again when Joyner visits heaven, “This really is heaven I blurted out…Immediately the entire host of heaven seemed to stand at attention, and I knew that I was the centre of their attention,” (p.110). Everyone in these visions therefore who ends up coming over to Joyner’s side, even the spirits of the dead as we will see later, comes under an extremely authoritarian influence emanating from Joyner. This is also bad fruit and evidence of a witchcraft spirit being present.

“ For Satan...Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also transform themselves into ministers of righteousness,” (2 Cor 11; 14 -15).

5 xix) A spirit of control: Derek Prince identified a controlling and manipulative influence, especially amongst leaders, as evidence of a witchcraft spirit being present. This was contained in his teaching “Witchcraft in the church” which can be obtained in written or tape versions online. We know already, from the Sheppard’s rod issue in the real world , that there have been many allegations about Kansas styled “prophets” from the prophetic movement that Joyner is a part of, of misusing their spiritual “gifts” and leadership positions to manipulate and control people, Joyner’s companion “prophet” Bob Jones being perhaps the prime example o f this. The Vineyards Movement was reported to have been inundated with this type of thing during the few years that Wimber allowed the Kansas prophets free reign there before they fell into disgrace. In some of those fellowships some of these so called “prophets” had the congregations, even the pastors there too, pass under their Sheppard’s Rod so that the prophet could judge whether each member of that church had produced enough fruit of the Spirit that year or not. Joyner still refers to the “Sheppard’s Rod” in his interviews and articles today and so this form of authoritarianism appears to be yet another aspect of the Kansas City Prophets beliefs that Joyner is still waiting to re introduce to the church once the time is right. We can therefore expect an authoritarian form of leadership to emerge around Joyner once he starts to gaining even greater influence in the church. This is also bad fruit especially as throughout the dream Joyner has been promising “liberty,” the exact opposite instead.

“ the kings of the Gentiles exercise lordship over them... But not so among you,” (Luke 22; 25, 26).

5 xx)The fifth spiritual warfare strategy fails – the dream now demonises all Christians who don’t agree with Joyner: Although Joyner had just had success in converting some of the opposing Christians to his side for the first time, for a short season, things then quickly return to the previous pattern of failed spiritual warfare strategies again. Despite now having the most effective arrows to fire, and having even more skill to do so, Joyner records that “Even so, after these Christians had the demons shot off them, few would come to the mountain, ” (p. 33). In the dream Joyner also sees that by this time, “Many had taken on the nature of the demons and continued in their delusions without them,” (p. 33). As many of these Christians now appear as demons it is likely that Joyner may return to his first strategy of directly targeting the opposing Christians again at this point.

" We know that we have passed from death to life, because we love the brethren. He who does not love his brother abides in death,” (1 Jn 3; 14).
5 xxi) Joyner’s sixth spiritual warfare strategy fails – serpents and another gospel? As the darkness dissipates further Joyner is then able to see that the opposing Christians “legs were bound by serpents,” (p. 33), “the serpents I saw were all the same kind, and had the name Shame written on them,” (p. 34).” More failed spiritual warfare strategies then ensue from Joyner’s side; “We shot arrows of Truth at the serpents, but they had little effect. We then tried the arrows of Hope, but without results,” (p. 34). It would appear that Joyner believes that this “Shame” is associated with one of the “doctrines that have kept men in spiritual slavery,” (p. 37), and this is probably something that most ordinary bible based hristians believe in today. Although I can’t prove this part from the text I believe that this “Shame” probably represents the doctrine of “original sin,” the biblical belief that everyone is born in sin and cannot therefore live within Gods Holy presence without faith in Christ’s sacrifice for their sins. This seems to me to be supported by Joyner’s earlier statements that the opposing Christians “thought that the vomit of Condemnation was truth from God,” (p. 20).The doctrine of “original sin,” means that it is impossible to be made right with God through living a good life, by engaging in good works, or faithfully following other religions as Universalists would have us believe. If Joyner is indeed a Universalist himself, as appears to be the case, then we would expect him to view this as one of the doctrines that he would be most keen to see removed from the church. This is also one of the main doctrines that the devil will seek to undermine with deception in the end times. Once a Christian abandons this doctrine they will have moved very close to apostasy and the idea that anyone from any religion dwell in God’s presence or be made right with Him through good works or self effort.

“ For a time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine…they will heap up for themselves teachers; and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables,” (2 Tim 4: 3, 4

5 xxii) The seventh strategy fails – releasing the Great White Eagles/the spirits of the dead: This strategy differs in nature to all the previous ones. At first it looks as if it will be successful but it turns out to be the biggest failure of all of the spiritual warfare used in the attempts to convert the opposing Christians. At the very top of the mountain of new revelations Joyner sees “pure white eagles,” (p. 35), perched in the branches of the “Tree of Life,” (p. 34). It is important to note that these white eagles are not angels, Joyner makes a clear distinction, instead they are the spirits of the deceased, of people who have died. Joyner is told “They will do your bidding,” (p. 35). He then receives authority to command these great white eagles to fight in the spiritual battle against the “horde of hell” on his side’s behalf. Joyner writes, “These eagles filled the sky... I could hear the sounds of terror from the enemy camp at the sight of the eagles ascending,” (p. 35), “most of the enemy horde that was left was furiously attacking the great white eagles. The eagles were easily prevailing,” (p. 47). These eagles “devour the shame,” (p. 35), which Joyner believes was preventing the opposing Christians from converting to his side in the war. Later one eagle tells Joyner, “We have just come from a feast, devouring the serpents of Shame who have bound many of your brothers and sisters. They will be here soon,” (p. 60). This at first seems as though these eagles will succeed where all Joyners previous warfare has so far failed. As these eagles appear to have the power and ability to finally turn the opposing Christians away from what Joyner describes as the “Shame” and the “doctrines that have kept men in spiritual slavery,” (p.37), so that they will then move across to Joyner’s side in the civil war. However Joyner reveals that these eagles have the opposite effect and most of his followers leave his side in the civil war and join the horded from hell instead. : Joyner reports, “I then started to look up to see how many warriors were still on the mountain. I was shocked to see how few there were,” (p. 55).

“Therefore, brethren, stand fast and hold the traditions which you were taught, whether by word or our epistle,” (2 Thess 2; 15).

5 xxiii) Many leave Joyner’s side once he reveals his belief in calling upon the dead/spiritualism: In the real world once Joyner has revealed his beliefs more fully and starts calling upon the spirits of the dead, many Christians will then realise they had been deceived in accepting his ministry up until that time. I believe that some will then return to a more scriptural basis but that many others will fall away from the faith completely at this point due to confusion and discouragement. Joyner describes the Christians who leave his side in the following way “shields and swords; they cast them down... They started taking off their armour, saying it was not needed... Just a few demons of delusion, who were all small and seemingly weak, led away this once great army of glorious warriors. They were taken to different prison camps, each named after a different doctrine of demons. I was astounded at how this great company of the righteous had been so easily defeated... How could those who were so strong, who have been all the way to the top of the mountain, who have seen the Lord as they have, be so vulnerable?”” Joyner says this was “a major defeat,” (p. 54). Joyner believes it is only those who trust in the spirits of the dead, (these great white eagles), who can remain on the path he is on. One of these eagles says “we can only help those who believe in us”, (p. 59), so it only those “Christians” who believe and move in spiritualism who will remain on Joyner’s side. We can expect a polarisation at this point with fewer genuine Christians continuing to be taken in by Joyner’s deceptions whilst Joyner emerges as a leader over an increasing number of unbelievers and former “ex -Christians” within the interfaith movement.

“Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour,” (1 Pt 5; 8).

5 xxiv) Identifying what the great white eagles are, proof that Joyner is advocating spiritualism: In order to understand exactly what Joyner will propose to the Christians public when he is at the height of his popularity we need to discover what exactly these great white eagles are. Once again whilst this is not obvious to the casual reader this is revealed in the text if one has the time to study it carefully. Many readers will assume these eagles are angels but this is not the case. One of these eagles tells Joyner “I was one of the soldiers you so quickly passed on your way up the mountain,” (p. 65). Joyner, “it was then that I recognised the eagle as a man whom I had known soon after my conversion,” (p. 65). This man tells Joyner “I got to the top before you,” (p. 65). So these eagles are people who have reached the top level of revelation on the mountain before Joyner. We know that Joyner was converted twenty three years prior to receiving this dream in 1995 as he claims elsewhere “I became a Christians in 1972,” (p. 9). It is therefore likely that the man he mentions above has since died and these eagles are the spirits of the deceased. There is overwhelming evidence that this is the case. Neither Joyner nor any of the other “dreaded champions” with him are transformed into eagles when they reach the top of this mountain whilst they are still alive. These eagles also have wings and fly into battle unlike all the other warriors on Joyner’s side. They operate almost exactly like angels but as we have seen are people not angels. One eagle claims “we can only help those who believe in us”, (p. 59), which suggests they are not physically present as the others who fight on Joyner’s side are. They initially arrive as a cloud from the air “I saw great white cloud approaching... soon it filled the atmosphere,” (p. 58), “These eagles filled the sky with a blinding glory,” (P. 35). Joyner finds them “awaiting instruction,” (p.35), perched in the Tree of Life on the top of the mountain apparently unable to do anything without him first directing them. They do not enter the battle until after Joyner arrives at the top of the mountain. Joyner has authority over them, not the other way around, even though they had ascended to the highest levels of revelation on the mountain before him. These eagles also have advanced prophetic gifts and one eagle tells Joyner “I am here to awaken these gifts in you,” (p. 59), as if it were a ministering spirit not a person present physically. The eagles also have the ability to create the breeze of the Spirit by flapping their wings which heals the sick, “the eagle opened his wings and began to gently flap them, stirring up a cool refreshing breeze that flowed over the wounded,” (p. 60), which also suggests they are ministering spirits. We can say with much confidence therefore that these great white eagles are ministering spirits, the spirits of people who have ascended up the mountain in the past but have since died, both men and women “brother and sister eagles,” (p. 67). So in the dream these eagles are the spirits of the dead who have returned from heaven to earth to assists Joyner’s side. This should not surprise us since Joyner already believes he receives ministry from the spirits of deceased people when he ascends to heaven. In reality both cases will be deceptive though and these eagles will be demons, or fallen angels, that imitate the deceased returning to earth just as happens amongst unbelievers involved in spiritualism and the occult. Calling upon the dead in this way for spiritual help is an aggressive form of spiritualism.

“do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God,”( 1 Jn 4:1).

5 xxv) Who exactly are these great white eagles pertaining to be – the deceased healing revivalists of the last century: These Eagles tell Joyner “we can only help those who believe in us, only those who receive us as who we are”, (p. 59). Joyner keeps the interpretation of this to himself and doesn’t openly reveal it in “The Final Quest,” but there are enough signs and clues in the text for us to be able to decode this with near certainty. One of the main ministries of these great white eagle spirits in Joyner’s visions is to heal the wounded warriors on Joyner’s side; one eagle tells Joyner, “I must help those who are wounded,” (p. 67), so they are likely to be the spirits of the deceased who were once involved in healing. This matches Joyner’s reference to another dream he had in 2008 regarding which he states, quote: “I shared about the dream I had been given--that if we would honor the fathers, the Lord would release revival in America within six months. In this dream I was shown that the evangelists from the great Healing Revival of the 1940s and 1950s were the ones that we needed to honor. As an attempt to do this, we hosted an Honoring the Fathers Conference.”* [iii] Joyner also misuses the scripture Mal 4; 6, to direct Christians to look to these same deceased healing evangelists as our spiritual forefathers and to honour them in order to obtain Gods favour and a healing revival in our day. Other prominent ministries linked to Joyner’s are preaching exactly the same message. They also seek blessings from the spirits of deceased healing revivalists of the last century and see this as the key to receiving their healing anointing and revival in our day. Joyner’s great white eagles are therefore surely the spirits of the deceased healing revivalists that he calls us to honour. From Joyner’s twisted deceptive view point this makes sense. Having already opened to various forms of spiritualism Joyner seeks the spirits of these deceased healing revivalists to return to earth to help heal today. Furthermore many, (although not all), of the well known healing ministers from around that period went off the rails into deception when they attempted to operate in teaching ministries, something they do not appear to have been called to or gifted in. Those that did therefore fell into some of the same deceptions that Joyner believes he has discovered as he climbed up the mountain of new revelations in his dream. Joyner claims that the white eagles had also ascended this same mountain before him in their day. This cannot all be a coincidence, the evidence really is overwhelming. Furthermore several of the healing ministries that moved on into deceptive teachings, for e.g. John. G. Lake and Sundar Singh, also taught that Christians could return to earth as angels after they had died. This mirrors Joyner’s belief in the great white eagles returning to earth. We also discovered in Ch 7 that as a child, before he found faith, Joyner had also read and received the teachings of William Branham. Branham was one of the prominent healing revivalists of the 1940’s and 50’s, the period Joyner alludes to and was probably the most deceived minister of modern times. Branham ‘s followers believe that he was the angel to the last days church and that he will soon return to earth as an angelic messenger. This all parallels Joyner’s belief in the great white eagles returning to earth. The emphasis Joyner puts on recovering the, (deceptive), messages of William Branham suggests that he believes that Branham will be the leading white eagle to return to earth from heaven. This would match the conclusion in Chapter 7 of these notes that suggested that Joyner is a Branhamite himself. It appears that Joyner has just extended that belief to include the return of other healing revivalists as angelic like beings along with Branham. As we have seen Joyner puts great emphasis on us honouring these deceased healing ministries each year. This appears to be the first step towards him introducing the Christian public to his practice of calling upon them for spiritual help. We saw in the last section that these eagles are definitely the spirits of the dead, Joyner must surely believe that they are the spirits of the deceased healing revivalists, particularly those who ministered in Branham’s day, in the 1940’s and 50’s. Joyner’s message concerning this would be quickly recognised by other Branhamite’s who read ”The Final Quest” without being noticed and arousing biblical criticism from other leaders again as happened to the Kansas City prophets in the early 1990’s. At the same time many of Joyner’s ordinary Christian readership would be unaware of these things. They would be gradually introduced to these deceptions in stages until such a time as Joyner was confident and secure enough in his popularity to teach about these things more fully and openly.

“Take heed to yourself and to the doctrine. Continue in them, for in so doing you will save both yourself and those who hear you,” (1 Tim 4; 16).

5 xxvi) Further evidence of this in the Christian world today: Joyner’s close companions Bob Jones and Todd Bentley both already call upon deceased revivalist Sundar Singh and claim that his spirit returns to earth from heaven to minister to them. Whilst he was alive Singh taught that saints could return to earth as angels himself which is very similar to Joyner’s belief in the great white eagles returning. Jones and Bentley also claim to receive ministry from an angel named Emma, Bentley wrote, “Bob...told me that Emma ...was the angel that helped birth and start the whole prophetic movement in Kansas City in the 1980’s...she floated a couple of inches off the floor. It was almost like Kathryn Kuhlman in those old videos”.*[iv] This angel, (fallen angel), therefore imitates the appearance of Kathryn Kuhlman who was a well known healing evangelist of the era Joyner refers to. Joyner has a great deal of influence with both Jones and Bentley but has never spoken against this practice of theirs which suggests that he is agreement with this. Joyner must surely be calling upon these great white eagles, (past healing revivalists) himself since he had his dream directing him towards this back in 1995.The deceased healing minister, John G. Lake, also claimed that Christians could return to earth as angels after they died. There are some other very influential ministries emerging online today that are influenced by Lakes teachings and are also preparing to honour the same healing revivalists as Joyner. They all see this as a key to receiving a healing revival in our day which is clearly not biblical. This is trusting in man, (these deceased ministers), not God. Many people who engage in these occult practices will experience an occult power and anointing come upon them in the future as the devil attempts to raise up false healing ministers and false prophets in the end times.

“ The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan, with all power, signs, and lying wonders, and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth” (2 Thess 2; 9,10).

5 xxvii) These eagles/spirits of the dead enable the judges to emerge over the church:
Joyner’s occult based dream therefore leads him to engaged in both witchcraft warfare and spiritualism. At the same time it prepares Joyner for the fruitless failure that both of these strategies so that he will not give up but will persevere with these errors regardless. The hope held out to Joyner is that despite the failure of all this warfare, and the harm it will do to the Christians that his side will target, it will suddenly prove victorious as he reaches the top of the mountain of revelations as promised at the end of his books first dream. This happens once these same white eagles/the spirits of deceased healing revivalists start ministering amazing prophetic gifts and insights to some on Joyner’s side. One eagle tells Joyner “We are the eyes of those who have been given divinely powerful weapons,” (p. 58). These eagles enable the judges to manifest as the all knowing prophets who Joyner believes will rule the church in the end times along with him. So Joyner believes that God will use these spirits of the dead to “raise up judges,” (p.128), who will be “able to know everything about everyone they encounter” (p. 130). Joyner claims that they will then “decide between people or issues,” (p.128), as they take up their role of judging. Spiritualism and the great white eagles are therefore central to Joyner’s side’s final victory in his visions. All the Christians who oppose Joyner are then removed from the body of Christ altogether so these judges can rule, unopposed, as leaders of the entire church. Joyner describes this in the following way, “remove all who have been forcing My people to take sides against their brothers”, (p. 128). This is incredibly hypocritical since it is Joyner who is calling for a Christian civil war and only his side that engage in any spiritual warfare against other Christians not the Christians who oppose him. Joyner believes that this new leadership of prophet judges will lead to the “exaltation of the church,” (p.38), and that as a result “God’s government is about to be demonstrated as greater than any human government,” (p. 37), which “will begin drawing all men into the kingdom” (p. 37). Joyner believes that then he and the other judges will also go on to rule the world on Gods behalf without any mention of Jesus Christ’s return at His Second Coming. This might sound like a ridiculous pipe dream but we must remember that unbelievers who are open to the same occult influences as Joyner display exactly the same type of delusions about themselves. This is of course so contrary to the teachings of scripture that no one who trusts the bible and tests these things against it will fall for these deceptions as Joyner has. There will however be a twisted occult outworking of these predictions in the real world as the antichrists manifests as the Messiah and his beast empire rules the world as a counterfeit form of Gods government before Christ’s return. Unless Joyner relents, repents and starts trusting in scripture instead of his deceptive visions he will find himself following the antichrist and serving his one world religion not Gods Kingdom. He may well receive great authority over unbelievers then and a powerful counterfeit anointing to heal even but this will be from the enemy. The Lord led me to write the following article describing how this situation will come about in the world in the approaching end times season, entitled, “The Coming One World Religion” for those who are interested.

" Let no one deceive you by any means; for that Day will not come unless the falling away comes first,” (2 Thess 2; 3).
*[i] In a letter to A. Strom, printed on p. 97 of “Kundalini Warning,” in 2010.
*[ii] Taken from William M. Alnor and Robert Lyle, "Controversial Prophetic Movement is Incorporated into the Vineyard" Christian Research Journal, fall 1990: 5-6.
*[iii] Rick Joyner, “The History and Future of the Present Revival- Part 2," 2008.
*[iv] Bentley 2003 article “Angelic Hosts”,

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