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A Deceptive, Dangerous and Divisive Book:
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Dear fellow believers,

The Lord has led me to send out a warning about a popular “Christian” book, (this may be my last posting). This book contains dangerous and deceptive “prophetic” messages. The author claims he received these from his trances, visions, dreams and supposed visits to heaven. He claim’s the most important messages came to him from the spirits of people who had died. He blended all these into an exciting, beguiling, prophetic story line.

He states that God is calling for a “Christian Civil War,” (p. 22), within the “church,” (p. 37). He encourages his readers to use a new form of spiritual warfare against other Christians to enable prophet ”judges,” (p. 128), to gain control of the body of Christ. He predicts that many Christians will be harmed by his side’s spiritual warfare against them, “We did wound many of our own brethren,” (p. 129). He predicts that this spiritual civil war will appear as the “meltdown of Christianity itself”, (p. 29). Jesus, however, prayed for unity among believers not a self centered, divisive, spiritual civil war fought for control of the church, (Jn 17; 21). Jesus said;“If a kingdom is divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand,” (Mk 3; 24, N.K.J.V used throughout).

The author also falsely predicts that “the day of the Lord,” (p. 36), will occur when he and the elite judges gain full control of the global church. This, however, is how the bible describes that day, “Behold, the day of the Lord comes... To lay the land desolate...The sun will be darkened... And the moon will not cause its light... I will punish the world for its evil... I will make mortal man more rare than fine gold,” (Isaiah 13; 9-12), i.e, there is no similarity between the two!

The author goes on to state that we cannot trust the first Apostles but should replace their Epistles with his own “new revelations,” (he wants us to abandon 2/3rds of the N/T). The book is entitled “The Final Quest” by Rick Joyner. It advocates a new, interfaith, form of church which, Joyner claims, “will begin drawing all men into the Kingdom,” (p. 37). This is a distorted New Age based prediction that advances the Interfaith One World Religion. Joyner also encourages Christians to move on into his “superior” level of spirituality which, he claims, looks more like the New Age than anything found in the bible. He states that his ultimate spiritual strategy is to call “eagles” down from heaven to earth to enable his side to gain control of the body of Christ. Joyner teaches that these “eagles” are the spirits of saints who have died, “I recognised the eagle as a man whom I had known soon after my conversion,” (p. 65). This is spiritualism not Christianity. This shouldn’t be a surprise, though, as two of Joyner’s closest companions openly claimed to receive ministry from the spirit of the deceased Indian evangelist, Sundar Sigh, and a spirit that looked just like Kathryn Kuhlman. Joyner has just been more covert, cautious and subtle in revealing his full spiritual beliefs via this book. There is no mention in “The Final Quest,” of anyone ever being gifted or led by the Holy Spirit. Instead he predicts that ultimately any Christian who won’t accept being led by these spirits of the deceased will be cast out of the global church, (see Ch 5 of the study). We would expect anyone receiving from the occult to develop these controlling attitudes.

“The Final Quest” predicts that Joyner’s elite group of prophet “judges” will then go on to govern the entire world with no mention of Jesus’ Second Coming. Joyner is clearly spiritually confused. I believe that God has shown me that if he doesn’t relent the devil will elevate him to the highest level of leadership within an Interfaith One World Religion. This would also be a fulfilment of Joyner’s own distorted New Age predictions. Joyner fails to mention that he had links with the Catholic Order of the Knights of Malta whilst he was writing “The Final Quest,” (Paul Cain is also a member). Joyner now leads this Order over N. America and both men have sworn an oath of allegiance to the Pope. Joyner’s call for a “Christian civil war” may, therefore, also be anti the Reformation. The last three Popes have led the main global interfaith meetings and claimed that all the religions prayed to the same god. Both the Catholic leadership and Joyner clearly seek an Interfaith One World Religion. All the quotes used in the full study, (entitled “Decoding Rick Joyner’s The Final Quest,” ), have been put in purple bold type to enable a faster verification of these things. May God bless you all!

S. Dobbs, December 2015.

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