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Todd Bentley and the Kansas City Prophets:

These notes were handed out along with David Noakes prophecy, (link), in 2008, prior to Bentley having to step down from ministry.

Basic background notes by S. Dobbs.

So why is D. Noakes’ prophecy now so relevant? Well, I was being prepared by the Lord to hand out David Noakes’ prophecy way back in 2007; Clifford Hill will be able to confirm this. Since then, in April 2008, Todd Bentley has become a central figure in a healing revival from Florida, USA, which is already influencing many believers around the world via the God Channel. Bentley himself makes it clear himself that he has close links with, and has been greatly influenced by, the Kansas City prophets. He shares all their unusual beliefs and spiritual practices having become one of these prophets himself. This is the very same group that David Noakes’ was praying about when he received the previous prophetic warning. As the bible instructs us to “test all things” (1 Thess 5. 21), we are simply obeying God by doing this. [I’ve added this in brackets in Aug: Although it appears that the Bentley revival is now faltering I think that an examination of it is still vital if this will help us understand and discern future influences and ministries, be they good, bad or a mixture of truth and error.]

Other links with the Kansas City prophets:
Bob Jones, who used to be the leading prophet amongst this Kansas City group, recently had the same prophecy on the same day as Bentley, and this is the word that is said to have heralded this new revival. Bob Jones has appeared on stage with Bentley and is repeatedly honoured by him and others from the stage. Paul Cain, another Kansas City prophet, has also appeared on stage with Bentley and has been honoured by him for having a word which predicted this revival some time ago. So this is very much a Kansas City prophet’s influenced revival - pointing us to them.

The healing revival:
The main focus of the meetings is on healing, although Toronto type manifestations seem to be on the increase too. There has been no preaching of the gospel and therefore only a very small number of unbelievers getting saved, with hardly any emphasis on this. Whilst Jesus name is proclaimed there doesn’t seem to be any focus on His death on the cross for our sins or calls for repentance as has been central to other revivals throughout history. It appears that this revival is centred on meeting the desires of Christians for spiritual phenomena rather than on helping unbelievers find salvation. So is this really a revival? 1 Cor14; 29 says “Let two or three prophets speak, and let the others judge”. Is anyone in Florida weighing up and judging this revival? Does it contain a wave of deception as Noakes' prophecy warns?

The pass it on anointing: Todd Bentley tries to make a point of laying hands on everyone present at these meetings so they can receive an impartation of a “pass it on anointing“ which people can then take back to their own churches. Whilst his intensions may be fine no one there appears to be weighing up exactly what spirit is being imparted in this way. 1 Jn 4;1 tells us to “test the spirits, whether they are of God”. It would be reckless to just assume that this is the Holy Spirit. This question also arises; if God is omnipresent then why would He need us to come and collect His Spirit and carry Him back with us in this way? Surely God can anoint anyone, anywhere, anytime. And why is it that anyone who attends Bentleys meetings can become catalysts for this revival? Surely historically God has chosen those who are most submitted to Him not necessarily those who attend certain meetings? This isn't the way the Holy Spirit moved on the day of Pentecost, (see Acts Ch 2), or in any major revivals that have impacted our societies since then.

The Christian media: Todd Bentley has been holding similar types of meetings, displaying the same type of phenomena, including healings, for years. This recent move seems to be having a much greater impact due to the extensive coverage given it on Wendy Alecs “God Channel” and Steve Shultz’ “Elijah List” and “Prophetic TV”, both of which have large Christian audiences, and are proclaiming this to be the start of a great revival. However we have to question the spiritual discernment of Wendy Alecs and Steve Shultz. Although no doubt well intentioned, they both chose Paul Cain as their prophetic adviser at a time when Cain was immersed in a secret lifestyle of homosexuality and recreational drug use and neither noticed a thing. How then can we trust them to be able to discern the source of this revivals spiritual phenomenon? They do not appear to have availed themselves of either the scriptures or the gift of “discerning of spirits”, (1 Cor 12; 10),which the Lord has given us for testing such things as the bible directs us to.

Unscriptural doctrines: Those closely affiliated with this Kansas City group of prophets, including Todd Bentley, are certainly not ordinary Pentecostal/charismatic believers. They have some very strange doctrine’s, (you can study this for yourself in more detail on-line). They believe that they have acquired these new doctrines from visionary experiences. Most of them give more authority to their visions than to the bible. Many of their new teachings also contradict scripture. Bob Jones emerged as this groups leading prophet. Mike Bickle, Jones pastor, originally thought that a demon was giving Jones these experiences but later changed his mind about this. Bickle reports how Jones often received five or ten visions a night. As “Satan... transforms himself into an angel of light”, (2 Cor 11; 14), we cannot just assume though that all other Christians are moving in the Holy Spirit, there will always be some who will get deceived, as has happened throughout history.

Todd Bentleys Teaching: In a video of Todd Bentley’s preaching during the first week of this revival, he tells the audience that he pushes himself ever further in gaining what at first appeared to be words of knowledge. But he then goes on to say “I don’t move in the gifts of the Spirit… the gifts have to be initiated by the Holy Spirit…I move in the seven spirits of God…this gives you the whole council of God”, (this is an obscure, out of context, ref to Rev 1; 4, 3; 1). He then goes on to tell his audience “don’t seek after the word of knowledge” encouraging them to seek after this other form of spirituality instead. This isn’t scriptural. Such an error can open a person up to the wrong spirit, they can end up moving in the same New Age/occult anointing as the psychics and mediums.

A Strange spirituality: All of these men, Todd Bentley, Bob Jones, Paul Cain, Mike Bickle, (and also Rick Joyner), have all had numerous visionary experiences of visiting heaven where they believe they have talked with the spirits of people who have died. They also claim to have had long conversations with the spirit of the Apostle Paul from the New Testament. They all believe that they have gained new revelations from these encounters which they then pass onto the rest of us as prophetic teachings. A different form of spirituality seems to be at work here, one that does not appear to be in the bible.

Spiritualism: Bob Jones has claimed that the spirit of a deceased Indian monk, Sundar Singh, has appeared and ministered to him. Bob Jones has also introduced Todd Bentley to a female Angel named Emma. Bentley says in his 2003 article “Angelic Hosts”, that, quote, “Bob...told me that Emma was the angel that helped birth and start the whole prophetic movement in Kansas City in the 1980’s...she floated a couple of inches off the floor. It was almost like Kathryn Kuhlman in those old videos”. Todd Bentley now receives ministry from these spirits. I’m only referring briefly here to things they themselves have claimed, which you can then examine for yourself in detail online. 1 Jn 4; 1 tells us “do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits”. It seems likely that a spirit of divination and spiritualism is at work here. It is possible therefore that this may also be the source of the healings as well. It would be highly irresponsible to receive such anointing without testing it.

Another spirit: Most of us are aware that there is an alternative spirituality to Gods Holy Spirit. Those involved in the New Age/occult frequently move in knowledge, predictions and healings too. An O/T e.g. were Pharaohs magicians who performed great miracles in Ex 7; 11. An N/T e.g. was Simon who “practiced sorcery in the city and astonished the people....to whom they all gave heed, from the least to the greatest, saying, “This man is the great power of God”, (Acts 8; 9, 10). If the Kansas prophets have received the wrong spirit they could spread this to others via an impure or counterfeit revival, especially through the laying on of hands; in a wave of deception as predicted by Noakes. To act responsibly we should at least prayerfully consider this as a very real possibility.

The Healings:
The bible tells us that healings and other signs often follow the preaching of the gospel; “confirming the word through the accompanying signs”, (Mark 16; 20). In this revival though there is very little preaching of the gospel and the signs themselves have become central instead. If there is a genuine healing gift operating here it is attracting people to leaders who are imbedded in false teaching and a strange form of spirituality. But why would God confirm false teachings with such signs? We have to consider the likelihood therefore that some of the healings themselves are coming from a New Age/occult anointing as well. 2 Thess 2; 9, tells us that sometime before Christ return “power, signs, and lying wonders” will occur (accompanied by “all unrighteous deception”, v.10), “ that will deceive many believers and lead them astray into “giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons“, ( 1 Tim 4; 1). If you research Bentley’s beliefs and doctrines I think you will agree that they are extremely dodgy to say the least.

Sexual sin: John Wimber took the Kansas City prophets under his wing shortly before his UK tour in 1991. These prophets had many predictions of revival breaking out from these meetings, this proved to be false and nothing happened. Not long after these meetings Wimber had to discipline members of this group who were found to be involved in sexual immorality. Their leading prophet, Bob Jones, admitted using his spiritual gifts to manipulate and solicit sexual favours from two women in his congregation. More recently, (in 2006/7), it emerged that Paul Cain has been living a secret lifestyle of homosexuality and recreational drug use for quite some time whilst masquerading as a major Christian prophet. According to Wendy Alecs’ own website Cain had even refused to repent of this sin until others had threatened to publicly expose it anyway. Little more than a year later he has appeared on stage with Todd Bentley being honoured at the centre of this revival. God forgives but the bible also states that “You will know them by their fruits” (Matt 7; 16). So are these the people God has really chosen to birth a major revival or are they being used by the enemy?

Conclusion: Each person must decide for themselves. As D. Noakes’ prophecy warns us of a wave of deception though, concerning these same Kansas affiliated prophet’s, we surely need to consider Matt 24:24. This tells us that “false prophets will rise and show great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect”, so are they now starting to emerge from amongst us? Concerning this 1 Jn 2; 19 says “They went out from us, but they were not of us”. So has this process of some departing from the truth already started? We at least need to pray about this possibility and test everything against scripture. Or perhaps we should also be praying for these leaders themselves as anyone can get deceived. The saying “but for the grace of God there go I” is always very poignant.

May God bless you as you endever to, test these things for yourself.

S. Dobbs, June 2008, N.K.J.V used. Please feel free to copy and distribute this as you see fit.
For other relevant prophecies see website: www.propheciesfortoday.uk.com

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