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D. Noakes prophecy, "a warning for charismatics" Dec 1994

David Noakes’ prophecy:
"What you are now seeing is not the first wave of the deception that is to come, nor will it be the last. Satan is establishing an increasingly strong and broad power base in the churches of your nation in order to draw my people away after false hopes of a cheap and illusory glory of the flesh in this age. Do not look to the men who seem to be the principal instruments of the deception. (I believe that is principally the false prophets who are going around). They are false prophets who come and go like shooting stars. Their judgement is in my hand and I will execute it in its season. They prophesy by Baal but I will surely vindicate my own Holy Name.

Be concerned rather with the faithless shepherds of the flocks of my people. For an illusion of glory and success they sell the sheep of my pasture into the hand of the deceiver. False and deluded, they do not know my voice, for they do not reverence my Word. Puffed up with selfish ambition and vain glory, they lead my people into false ways. Thinking that they see in their blindness, they lead those who trust them into a ditch. They are as the Pharisees of old who love the places of honour and the applause of men, and they gain it at the expense of leading gullible men and women into ways which have an appearance of light but are in truth are a highway into deepest darkness.

Beware of such men. False shepherds and blind guides, my flock. Surely I will require an accounting at their hands for the blood of those who are being misled into the ways of death. For it is they who encourage the false prophets, and import the doctrines of demons into the midst of my sheepfold. My anger burns hotly against them and surely if they do not soon repent I will give them up to the hardness of their heart and there will be no returning for them when that point has been reached.

Do not trust the compromisers who seek to draw together and reconcile that which cannot be reconciled; who seek to find a middle way. Surely between light and darkness there is no middle way, but only an abyss of confusion and bewilderment.

This wave of deception will recede and with it those who now falsely prophesy. But the false shepherds amongst my people will remain as a danger, ready to grasp hold of the next wave when it comes, for surely it will do so. Each wave will be deadlier than the last and will attract more of those whose feet are not firmly grounded on the rock of my Word. Through the deception my hand will be at work. I will refine and separate those who will not bow the knee to Baal from those who do not love the truth. I will have a refined remnant who will be my true voice in this nation and through their testimony I will bring in a harvest from the lost world but only those who hold to the truth and walk in my Spirit will be used in that purpose.

I will judge the faithless shepherds who seek their own ambitions and the adulation of men. They will go their own way to destruction, but I will appoint other shepherds for my people; men whom I am even now preparing in hidden places, walking unseen paths. They will be of humble and contrite spirit, repentant of heart and walking in awe of their God and in deep reverence of his Word.

Surely in the last days I will keep a people for myself who are true to me and will shine like the stars of heaven in the increasing darkness and turn many to the way of righteousness and salvation.

Contend for the faith steadfastly. Do not strive with those who will not hear, but declare my truth patiently and perseveringly. Expose the strategies of the adversary. Blow the trumpet of warning, that those who have ears may hear, but leave the results to me.

Pray that the deaf may hear. Pray that the blind shepherds may yet see. But remember that it is only my Spirit which convicts of sin and guilt and of judgement to come.

The task of the watchman is to warn. If you will fulfil that task you will have served your master well."

David Noakes’, 13th Dec 1994

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